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Import pinboard.in archive to evernote

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I'm certain this must have beeen covered previously but i'm drawing a blank serarching the forum. I know there are multiple ways to mirror the creation of a new bookmark in pinboard.in so that it is aded to evernote. What i'm lloking for help on is a way of taking all my existing bookmarks across to evernote in one go, ideally with tags and original creation dates and associated notes attached. Pinboard.in offers export as  in XML, JSON, or Netscape Bookmarks format along with an API key. Can somene with past experience offer some pointers? Many thanks in advance

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Netscape?  Really?  That's a blast from the past...


Don't think there is an easy way to import everything unless someone already wrote an interpreter for some reason.  You may find the Netscape option is just an HTML file (or is in separate HTML files),  which you should then be able to attach to Evernote notes.  Don't know how effective the transfer might be.


Anyone else with some experience of this?


Edit:  you might want to try Pinboard help with this query too,  though it would be diplomatic to start with "transferring some of my bookmarks / tags / dates / notes..."

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