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Days left in my cycle wrong?

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Yesterday I discovered I could upload zip files into my Evernote (Windows 7).  This is the free edition so I'm limited to 60mb every 30days (I think it is 30 days...maybe 31) before my limit is reset.  I uploaded several zip files of varying sizes and it seemed to work great.  I then checked my account info to see how close to my limit I actually was.  It showed that I had used up 46mb of my 60mb.  0 (zero) days left in the cycle, which meant my monthly limit would be reset today.


However, when I just checked my account info just now I see that I have the same amount of space used/left in my monthly limit (46mb out of 60mb).  BUT it now says I have 30days left in my cycle.  So my question is was my "days in the cycle" yesterday wrong or is todays?  And why would my limit have not reset if my cycle did indeed reset last night?




Bill W

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