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Evernote Renewal

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I have had Evernote (Basic/'complementary' Premium) over a couple or more years and my Premium membership ended recently.


At this stage I do not wish to upgrade back to Premium (or Plus) and want to stay on basic until my circumstances may change.


I am, however, getting a little fed up of being reminded to 'upgrade when I am logged in. I DO NOT WANT TO UPGRADE.


Is there not a button I can press to say that I am happy with Basic for now and to STOP REMINDING ME TO UPGRADE? So very very annoying.


I am an adult and capable of knowing when I may need to (if ever) want to upgrade.


I was with OneNote too - never got this hassle or any hassle. May go back.




A little annoyed,



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Hi, scruggles, thanks for your reply.


I use Evernote 5 on Windows 10


** I wish to cancel what I have 'queried' as I have been using Evernote at home this evening and have not had any pop-up asking me to upgrade.

Maybe it was a 'blip' after i let my Premium membership cease yesterday.



I will evaluate my usage over the next month to determine if I should upgrade or not :-)



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