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Bug When Editing Notebooks on iOS

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Hey guys!

I'm sitting in bed on my iPad (iOS9) and organizing my notes. I'm trying to condense my notebooks, which means renaming some, deleting others, and moving others to new stacks.

The problem I'm running into is that every time I edit a notebook (going to Notebooks >> Edit >> Clicking the encircled "i" icon), I'm able to edit the first notebook just fine, but as soon as I save the changes and click to edit the next notebook, clicking the "i" icon does nothing.

I can fix it by restarting the app, but I end up having to do that with each change.

I'm the latest version of iOS9 and the Evernote app. Thought I would give you guys a heads-up and see if anyone can reproduce the bug/has a solution.

Thanks for the great product!

Edit: Uninstalled/Reinstalled the app, didn't fix it.

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