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Fast account switching on iOS



I've never really used Evernote, but I suddenly got an idea to use it... if only it could handle several accounts well. It seems that the OS X version does that... well, you have to switch between accounts.


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...meanwhile, there was another discussion about this, a long long time ago... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/26694-archived-access-two-evernote-accounts-with-iphone-app/


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Now, the reason why I'm here is that iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan really messed up the use of several iCloud accounts. With iCloud we can also have the contents of the Notes app synced across devices, granted we use the same account. It used to work perfectly - on iOS (until 8) as well as OS X (until Yosemite) we could add secondary iCloud accounts easily which meant I could add my work iCloud account on my iPhone and my private Macs, and easily access and add to the information I store for many work projects, wherever I am, whenever I need to. Notes was great because it simply showed several accounts as separate folders. No account switching was needed, the UI was so easy and fast.
So it stopped working recently, the only iCloud accounts that can be used anymore are the primary accounts.
I really need to separate work information and private information. We all do.
Right now in the iOS app, it seems that we can only use several accounts if we sign out, then in again... that is just way too slow and would never gain traction in my daily life. I would look for another app/service.
So, any news?
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Hi.  Nothing definite I'm afraid AFAIK - I'd assume that it isn't easy to engineer this on a mobile device,  and we may be waiting for the OS's to catch up.  Evernote don't (usually) share thoughts on possible new features,  so it's a question of waiting...

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