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I have been reading a lot of people who want to disable context.  Fine for them. 


I on the other hand would like more.  If you are not going to add more providers, I would love to see more of the following:

1.  Allow us to add RSS Feeds that we like.

2.  Index (not just with tags) to the text of the content inside our own Evernote libraries.  Even if it is a client-side indexing?  If I am writing something, I would like to see other things related that I have written, even if I was not so dilligent as a librarian at tagging in the past.  If I have a document with metadata within - use it.  :)


Just some thoughts. 



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I have two feedback that I want somebody from evernote to improve on:

  • some articles from Techcrunch and Inc are already there in my notes for which the context keep on displaying the exact same articles again and again.
  • Even when I have clicked on an article I found useful, the same article is coming again and again.
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