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Premium Purchase Warning



Evernote OS X app was open behind a browser window. I clicked back on the Evernote window peeking behind the browser. Where I clicked was the area of the Upgrade to Premium button, which purchased a Premium subscription. No confirmation. No "You will be charged.... Are you sure?" dialogue box. Just "Welcome to Premium."

  • First call to action for Evernote: Put in a confirmation dialogue box! People click things accidentally. Think of your users, please!

How did it purchase? What was charged? I had never given Evernote my credit card info.


Apparently iTunes had connected at some point in the past. I don't remember allowing that. At some point I remember Evernote starting to ask for my Apple ID username and password. I don't know why or when it started, but I do know it was annoying to enter that in every time I opened Evernote; the prompt box would not disappear until I entered the correct info, so I always did. My thought was that the Evernote OS X app needs access to the Apple App Store to get updates.


How do you, as a user, prevent this in the future? Disconnect iTunes from Evernote, obviously. But you can't just click "Remove." It's not that it's impossible for Evernote work without iTunes (as you'll soon see). Evernote just won't let you do it easily. First, add a credit card. Then make that cc your primary purchasing method. THEN you can remove iTunes. But here's the kicker: You can now remove the credit card too! Why couldn't I do that when iTunes was the only purchase option?!
  • Second call to action for Evernote: Allow us full control of our purchase options. Don't restrict users. It's our money, we'd like to decide how and when to use it. Fine, I allowed iTunes purchases at some point (still not sure how). Let me undo that if I'd prefer. Please don't ratchet options.

You cannot cancel your subscription in the OS X app even though they provide buttons to manage and change your subscription. Apparently this is another ratchet option. Here's what it says when you select the Basic option: "Your Evernote Premium features will remain active for the remainder of the current billing cycle, which ends on Nov 10, 2015. After that date, your account level will be Evernote Basic." This is not true. iTunes manages your subscription purchase now. You must cancel your auto-payment through the iTunes store no matter what you select in the Evernote. 


After canceling the auto-renewing of your subscription, you must ask for a refund through the iTunes store. Not Evernote. "Report a problem" is where you do this in your iTunes purchase history. Evernote can not issue you a refund.

  • Third call to action for Evernote: Make it clear that selecting "Basic" in the account settings is NOT going to prevent the auto-renewing in iTunes. Again, think of your users. How are they experiencing your product? If they select Basic, they expect to be Basic for the rest of their Evernote usage until they tell you otherwise.

Hopefully this helps others who may have had the same issues. Or at least this posts serves as a warning to stray clicks on unfocused windows. (I tried several other areas of clicking, most of which did not do the action of where I clicked while Evernote was out of focus. The back button was one that did. Notes, Notebooks, Tags, ... did not.) After disconnecting iTunes and all other purchase options, the Upgrade button disappears.


This complaint comes after years of fighting Evernote popups and notifications, bloated software, privacy issues (Thank you for two-factor!) -- all topics discussed at length on these forums. Evernote is teetering in the balance of being dropped from my workflow if anything remotely close comes along. Those interested may find the following useful:


https://www.google.com/search?q=evernote+alternatives(Spoiler alert: OneNote.)


Even posting this topic led me to discovering questionable choices by Evernote. I had to create a user name, but no password, which was strange. I clicked on my forum account and saw that it was linked to my Evernote account. No warning! Maybe I'm overly protective, but I don't want my Evernote account linked to forum posts, even if it's the Evernote forum. Again, give me a choice. Stop assuming! And, as always, think of the users.


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Sorry for your experience,  but it seems like this is mainly down to iTunes payments with which Evernote has nothing to do.  The way to avoid similar problems is to buy or upgrade in-app and direct from Evernote so they can actually refund your money if that is what is required.  You'll also get access to the latest updates when they happen.


As to your forum validation being linked to the account,  this was a step taken by Evernote so they could protect their users directly after there was an attack on the (third party) forum validation process.  Now Evernote verifies you're you,  and sends a token to the forum to let you in.  No passwords involved.

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