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Evernote for Windows Desktop (10) - Attachment issue

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Hi everyone,


I am runningWin 10 with the latest version of Evernote for desktop. I also run Office 365. I just had a couple of documents open in Word and Powerpoint - tried to save them back into the Note - and both MS applications hung as well as Evernote. I was forced to hard reset the laptop. Evernote still works but no documents inside any notes will open anymore. I can save them to my desktop and they work but double clicking in the note does nothing. Does anyone have any ideas (other than re-downloading 10GB of data)?




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Hi.  Have you tried creating a new blank note and attaching the documents to new notes?  Copy over or recreate any other contents and just delete the originals.  They may have been compromised when the edited versions were being saved back.

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