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Auto-title not appearing

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After the latest update, auto-title doesn't seem to be working right anymore. Before, if I erased the title for a note, the first line would automatically become the new title. This is what I want. Now, if I erase the title, the title becomes "Title," which is useless. This also happens if I even click in the title box, even without typing anything, before it populates with the first line for the first time. After that, it seems to be safe unless I erase it.


The only situation where auto-title still works fine is when I create a new note in Windows and don't touch the title box until it populates with the first line. This problem is especially annoying because I create a lot of notes on my Android phone which end up titled "Untitled Note." I used to fix these by opening the notes in Windows and erasing the title, but now that doesn't work anymore.


Is there a way to get the automatic titling to work on an already-created note like it does on a new note? That is, at all?

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Hi.  The first-line = the title rule applies when you're creating a new note in the latest beta version,  though I haven't tested out whether erasing the current title will force a replacement.  It's obviously pretty quick and easy to copy and paste the line from body to title,  but I don't know of any automatic way if the next update to 5.9.2 doesn't cure the problem.  Sorry.

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Exact same problem:

Notes created via Android have the title "Untitled Note".

Up until now, in Evernote on Windows, when I deleted the title and simply hit enter, the auto title would immediately take effect.

Now, it doesn't anymore but puts "Title" as the title text instead.


Can we please revert this to the old functionality that the auto title is _always_ generated?


(If I want a note to have "Title" as its title, I can always type it.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, gazumped. Copying the first line manually is what I've been doing, but I make a lot of notes on my phone, so all that time adds up. Plus, if I make a change to the first line, I have to also copy it again. It's pretty annoying.

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This has wrecked the most useful feature of  Evernote, in my mind.  I create lists in notes, and the next step is always the title.  Complete that step, delete it from the note, and the note title changes to the next step.  This is now broken.  Please restore this, and make it work for ALL platforms.  It's only worked for Windows in the past.  Hugely useful feature.

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