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Outlook "Save to Evernote" Stuck on Clipping Note

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We are using Office 2013 Professional Plus and Windows 8.1 Enterprise on this users' laptop.

We're only doing one email at a time which works on my Windows 10 and Office 2016 Pro Plus but not this unit.

I've tried to turn off all other plugins in Outlook and only enable Evernote but no change.

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This happens for me as well.

Evernote (276975) Prerelease

 - occurs with and without beta features enabled

 - also occurred on previous versions including last standard (non-beta) release

Outlook 2007 (12.0.6691.500) SP3 MSO (12.0.6728.5000)

Windows 7 Professional SP1 - Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

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