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Evernote web interface

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Hello Everyone,


I have been facing problems with sharing the Notebooks.


I have shared one notebook with my partnet and he received the email as well however after accepting the email, he can not see that notebook anywhere in his account.


I try to create new notebook and share but now it is not working anymore and I cant share any notebook with that account.


We both are using Evernote on the web.


Please suggest.


Thank You.

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Hi.  Please let us know whether you are using Mac/ Windows/ Android/ iOS and whether your device is desktop or mobile.  Also:  what browser are you using?  Can you use/ have you tried using a different browser?  Clearing the current browser caches?  Has your partner checked his email spam folder for Evernote messages?  Can you unshare and reshare?  Exactly what error messages do you see / what happens when you try?

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Here is the details,


Windows 10 64 bit

Firefox latest as well as Chrome latest

Cleared cache but did not worked
My partnet did not receive email even after todays effort

I can not see unshare and reshare option anywhere and whenever I am creating any notebook  and sharing, it shows the email automatically and I select as well but nothing heppens after that.

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Hi.  There seem to be a number of small issues like this one with WIndows 10,  although (I think) many users have upgraded without any problem at all.  I'd suggest you contact support via the Help Center (see link below) - I'm not a current W10 user,  so I have no great expertise here...

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