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WIN 10 - 32Bits - Screenshot Shortcut problem

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Hi, in windows 10 - 32 Bits profesional, Evernote, screenshot from desktop, or any app, with shortcut: [ win + printscreen ] dont't work, flash video, or goes black, for 1 second aprox, then normal screen, but no capture screen.


But, with focus on evernote, ctrl+shift+j works ok.


No focus, evernote in systray, context menu >> screenshot , works ok, too

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I've had the same problem crop up. Exactly the same as you. 


Running the latest version of Evernote and recently upgraded to Win10.


I've been in contact with support from their twitter support account and we tried multiple things like rebooting and updating evernote to the latest beta release, stll no go. 

I have now logged a support ticket and will take it from there. Crossing fingers that someone can tell us what's going on. 

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I must say that support has been on top of things. They got back to me in less than a day. 


Anyway, according to support, Win10 has now overridden the default action for WIN+Prntscrn as it's own hotkey for screen captures. That's why it no longer works for Evernote.  

They suggested changing evernote's hotkey from the options and I'm happy to report that it works. 

I might just add that EN would be better served by notifying users that the old hotkey will no longer work in Win10. They should probably also put in the FAQs. 



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