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I chose Sign Out and I thought I was signing out of Evernote App. The message came up Signing out will remove your cached note and online Notebooks from your device. Do you want to sign out? Chose YES to sign out.  Said 11 .....??? (Probably Notebooks). I looked in Trash and it says 0.

Does anyone know any way to retrieve these Notebooks.  Evernote seems like a whole new program with nothing in it now.

These are VERY important note that I REALLY need to retrieve.

I would really appreciate anyone's help.

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Hi.  Not sure about the cached note,  but the online notebooks should have been available when you signed back in.  Are you sure you used the same login details?  The reason your account look like a new one may be because it is.


Try logging in to Evernote.com in a desktop browser to see what notes are retained on the server.


The reason you had a warning about the cached note may have been that you had not yet saved it to Evernote's online storage.  If that was the case,  then your note will have been lost as the warning said.

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I am afraid you are right that I may have lost everything. I didn't have Evernote on my Desktop, only my Android device.

However, it does say it syncs every 8 hours.

I have put a ticket into to Support with Evernote.  They asked for an activity log which I sent them. No reply yet, but I see the hours are 7 am to 7pm PST.

Will hopefully hear today.

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Support will probably suggest this anyway, but whether you installed Evernote or not,  go have a look at the Evernote.com website in your browser.  There's a 'log in' option there,  and if you use the same user name and password as when you created your original account,  you may have a nice surprise.  The Android app will backup your notes to the server whenever it has an internet connection - and a lot more often than 8 hours!

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