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Youtube problems with Evernote Web Clipper



Anyone else having any problems with the Web Clipper working properly with YouTube?


1) I don't have the option of saving YouTube video on the Web Clipper anymore.


2) When I try to clip the video with Evernote it goes crazy and overlays text on top of everything else. (see screenshot)





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Phillipg, Your screenshot doesn't load, but I think we're here about the same time. I was typing a comment under a vid on Youtube and was constantly interrupted by an unrequested Evernote pop up menu that covered the screen. Clicking on the x to close the window only lasted for a few seconds before it reappeared and hid the Youtube content again. I feel like if I WANT Evernote to do something, I'll ask for it. I find no obvious choice in preferences to kill this automatic function. Very annoying. 

It's now May and these questions came up in October the year before. I'm weighing Evernote now to see if it's even WORTH going premium.

I'm on a Mac, latest OSX and Safari web browser.

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