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Feature requests: note sharing prompts, let me change/disable CMD + /

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Curious as to whether anybody else experiences this.


As a Sublime Text user, I often hit CMD + / to comment out text. Unfortunately, I have a habit of hitting CMD + / in Evernote too thinking it might turn a line italic. It doesn't, but it what does instead is frightening: it unexpectedly turns on note sharing.


This wouldn't be a problem if there was some kind of note sharing catch prompt, where I have to acknowledge that I'm about to share a note. But just publicly sharing the note without warning seems really dangerous to me.


So here's the feature request: either include a prompt here or let me change the keyboard shortcut for sharing notes. In addition, the fact that I have to keep a note reminding me how to look up shared notes says something about search usability. You can't expect users to figure out "shareDate:*". Please put a button or checkbox in the search so I can easily see this stuff.


Kind thanks.

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