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Issue with notifications - please help

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I love to use Evernote for reminders but the last few weeks I am having an issue where I am getting an alert about a reminder 4-8 times in a row with the same number of badges too. So if I have reminders for notes at let's say 8:00, 8:15, and 9:00, if I look at my phone at 9:15, I might see 30 notifications about these three notes and my badge icon would also read 30.

Is there anything I can do to fix this??

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This has just started happening a week or two ago. If I set a date and time on a reminder, then I get multiple iOS notifications when it fires - up to 35 for a single note so far!


Has anyone else seen this?




This is a bug that was recently introduced and appears to only affect iOS 9 users. We've got a fix for it in our next release that we plan to submit shortly.




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Thank you so much for this update - glad to hear it's being addressed!

@gazumped - for the record, I personally make the "universal fix" tends to be a last resort due to the downtime required to redownload & more critically, reconfigure all the settings (I've made an enh request to keep settings in the cloud last year - others please request if u see value in this :)

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