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Customer support service getting worse?

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I would like to write here to express the view that the customer support service seems getting worse.


I am a Premium member, in the past I reported the errors or problems to Evernote, and the staff responded in one or two days and helped me a lot.

But recently they replied in a longer time, and this time (1258672 - Always crashes, on 2 Oct 2015) they haven't and it's for a long time. 

Yesterday I also sent a follow-up email but still be ignored.


​I don't know if this is related to the recent 47-staff reduction. I hope this is just an isolated case but not the phenomena showing Evernote is being backward resulting from shortage of people.


Hope the staff here can refer to the problem. I love Evernote and it does help me a lot in my life. For the user I also hope the company will be better rather than worse.

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Looks like your issue was being submitted as product feedback and not as a support request. I've created a new support ticket (#1258672) and escalated your issue in the queue. You should be contacted shortly by a support representative. 

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