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BUG: Problem with Evernote, PNG files and Snagit editor



I have problems with the scanned documents taken by Evernote for iOS.


1) With EN for iPhone (or iPad), I take a photo of a document and save as document (not as photo)

2) The file is saved as PNG in the EN note.

3) Sync with desktop.

4) In En desktop, I try to edit the file with Snagit -> Right click on the PNG file and select 'Open with' Snagit

5) The PNG file is open with Snagit, I can make changes, BUT I can not save back to EN, or any other place.


This problem was reproduced and confirmed by Snagit (TechSmith) support.


a. No problem if I do the same but saving the file as photo, it is, in JPG format.

b.  With Snagit, I do not have problems to edit and save PNG files created by other apps.


There is a problem with the PNG format created by Evernote for iOS (It seems that the 'P' of PNG is not from 'Portable' :)

I think it's a bug, or not?


More info:

- iPhone 6 and iOS 9.0.2

- iMac and OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)

- EN iOS version 7.8

- EN OSX 6.1.1

- Snagit for Mac version 3.3.5

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