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Enthusiastic UNDO button needs reined in



The other day I copied/pasted the contents of a note as an interview template that was about 100 lines long, with questions interspersing the answers. As I proceeded through the interview I deleted the previous guy's answers and replaced them with the current guy's answers using my BT keyboard on my android phone. At one point I typo'd and just reflexively hit ctrl-Z. IT RESTORED NOT JUST THE TYPO BUT EVERY SINGLE CHANGE BACK TO THE VERY BEGINNING (the note that I copied/pasted originally with the other guy's answers!) AND NO REPETITION OF UNDO OR REDO COULD EVER GET MY NEWLY ENTERED CHANGES RESTORED!!! Fortunately my interviewee was understanding and helped me restore the answers, but this was not a small bug in my eyes...


SUGGESTION: when someone presses undo, choose the last word they deleted or the last word they entered rather than taking all their changes of the last hour and undoing all of them in one fell swoop

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So can I be pretty confident that EN developers monitor threads not just in their own platform thread but also across all platform threads? I'm really writing the feature suggestions for devs at EN and not for forum members, so I want to do what I can to make sure the right dev sees the right suggestion...


If there's a place I can go to give feedback directly rather than thru the forums, please direct me. I'm getting the idea I'm leaving my input in the wrong place, so if there's another option please help...

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This is a user forum,  hence the responses (including mine) but yes,  you can assume that devs read all comments.  If you have any doubts,  please raise a support request via the Help Center (link below in my sig).

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Same issue, different platforms (1 demonstrated on the PC, 1 demonstrated on the android platform).


Since they use a different code-base I didn't want EN to see it and think it was an issue on just one platform. Is there a place where I can post in a platform-agnostic forum as feedback?

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