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Make undo (ctrl-z) work consistently on all operations


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One of the important things I do with EN notes is to organize them. Sometimes I get overzealous (or a missed-shift-click) and I end up filing a whole bunch of notes into a notebook when I only meant to file one or a few. My natural response is to press CTRL-Z to undo the action.


Result? Nothing.


Then when I am editing I sometimes make mistakes (I know, shocking). My response is to press CTRL-Z to undo the action. EN, in its exuberance, undoes HUGE swathes of changes rather than just undeleting the word I accidentally deleted or deleting the typo I just put in.


Example: I just created a new note and typed the following text, 1 line after another:



this is a test
and another test
and a line that I will delete the extra extra word



then I selected the 2nd occurrence of "extra" and deleted it. Then I pressed undo, expecting the deletion to be undeleted. Instead the last paragraph got deleted. I tried redo and it gives me back the paragraph without the deletion, but no number of hitting redo will allow that deletion to be restored.


The other day I copied a note as an interview template that was about 100 lines long, with questions interspersing the answers. As I proceeded through the interview I deleted the previous guy's answers and replaced them with the current guy's answers. At one point I typo'd and just reflexively hit ctrl-Z. IT RESTORED EVERY SINGLE CHANGE BACK TO THE VERY BEGINNING AND NO REPETITION OF UNDO OR REDO COULD EVER GET MY NEWLY ENTERED CHANGES RESTORED!!! Fortunately my interviewee was understanding and helped me restore the answers, but this was not a small bug in my eyes...[1]


SUGGESTION: Make undo work consistently for filing operations as well as properly for editing operations (selecting appropriate sized "chunks" to undo/redo).


[1] I just remembered that I was using my BT keyboard and my android phone on this document so technically I'm putting this feedback in the wrong forum, but I still think it demonstrates well the difficulty with poorly chosen "chunks" for undo and redo. My (snip) example above demonstrates that it is a problem in windows as well, so hopefully the later example will just give a little emotional pathos to the issue...

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