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exit search-mode normally (maintaining cursor location)


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When I press ctrl-f to search for something it pulls up a little bar at the bottom allowing me to enter the search text and click on the next/prev occurrence.


When I have found the location I want to work in, I naturally hit ESC (or click on the X in the search-mode bar) to exit from that search-mode, assuming that my cursor will now be exactly at the location of the chosen occurrence of my search word.


Search-mode is exited, but my cursor is taken to the top (bottom?) of the note instead of staying where I want to be to edit/read in that location.


To see the nearly universally standard behavior in windows, try out adob reader or m$ word or open office writer - in all cases you ctrl-f, type your search, press enter to move through occurrences (next, next, next), and then ESC or click on X to exit the search mode leaving your cursor location at the final chosen occurrence. EN acts differently.


(Yes, I know that I can click in the text while search-mode is still active and that will exit search-mode and put my cursor wherever I clicked. That is one way to exit search-mode. But this other way is also legitimate (otherwise why would you respond to the ESC or place an X to exit there) and the resulting behavior doesn't make a whole lot of sense - who wants to go to the beginning/end of the note when they exit search-mode?

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Hi.  It's a fair point that Evernote doesn't follow the apparent common Windows practice here,  but being a practice doesn't make it compulsory or require it to be logical.  Features can be left out of an app because it didn't occur to anyone that they would be required,  or maybe they were meant to be present,  but another addition 'broke' that particular aspect and it wasn't until you raised the point that anyone noticed.  I'm sure Evernote will take this on board as a feature request - especially since they recently re-engineered the Editor for both Mac and Windows.  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88637-the-evernote-editor/

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So are you saying it's OK/good for them to produce stuff in a non-standard and illogical way? I would absolutely agree that they have the right to do so - and the free market will pretty quickly slam a company that chooses to go that direction. So EN puts forums here so we can give our suggestions ... as I did. Good for them and good for me. Did I somehow communicate that I felt I had the right to tell them how to do their business? I'm just giving feature suggestions ... which is the point of this thread, right.


Curious reply... Maybe I'm just not understanding what you were trying to say...


FYI I already read the sticky note re the re-write of the editor (I try to read stickies b4 participating in a forum, as is good netiquette). I mention it because you've replied to 2-3 of my posts today with the same reference...


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I think I was trying to say..


I'm sure Evernote will take this on board as a feature request


And add a bit of commentary.  Sorry if it was repetitive - I responded to quite a few posts...

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I've made a similar request here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/90504-move-cursor-to-found-text-after-searching-within-a-note/

Unfortunately, I missed this thread when searching the forums. Well technically, I didn't miss it: this page gave an (apparently temporary) error when I first found it.


Here is one reason why the current behaviour can be considered a bug: the highlighting in yellow (all matches) and orange ('current' match) only makes sense when you can directly go to the location of the 'current' match using the keyboard (e.g. with Escape).


EN highlights all occurances of the found text in light yellow, but highlights the one 'you are at' in dark orange. But this orange-highlight is meaningless in the current implementation: there is nothing that you can do with the orange match, or with its location. You have to manually move and click the mouse, which you could do just as well without the orange highlight. The only current use of the dark orange would be to indicate when the search is about to move down the page upon the next Enter-press. But in the current implementation it would make more sense to always move the page down when pressing Enter; that would be much faster and more convenient.


BTW: problem persists in the latest public release,


EDIT with workaround (not a new post because I'm a new user and can make only 5 posts).


The highlighting in dark orange gave me an idea: simply click on that specific color with autohotkey:


The script seems to work well enough for me. But beware, perhaps it has some unanticipated problems because I'm a new autohotkey user.

; Script to properly exit the search-in-note functionality in Evernote; through the Escape key. The script ensures that the cursor is moved; to the start of the currently selected match. See;  ahk_class ENMainFrame ; Evernote	Escape::	; Search for the dark orange highlight of the current search match.	PixelSearch, theX, theY, 0, 0, 4000, 4000, 0xff9632, 2, Fast RGB	; Click there.	Click %theX% %theY%	return#IfWinActive
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