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Request - notebooks with different sort order

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I would love to see the option to set the sort order on some of my notebooks to a different sort order than everything else.  Not some sort of funky sort order, but some I want to have sorted by name, and the rest sorted by the default (ie: last updated or created).


Reasoning for this is for two cases.  1 - I bought a book that is distributed in evernote format (http://www.businessactionplanner.com/) and now and then I'll pop in and want to read it, get frustrated because now I have to change the sort order, give up and cry (ok, maybe it's not *that* hard to change the sort order).

2 - As a photographer I have lists of poses or shot lists and I have them as notes called "1 - getting ready", "2 - ceremony start", "3 - ceremony end", etc.  


Being able to go into certain notebooks and select a "custom sort order" or "use this sort order in only this notebook", or something like that which would keep a sort by name in those folders, but in everywhere else they all change as they do now.


Make sense? Crazy? Useful?

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Hi.  Been suggested before,  but I guess Evernote think that it's only a keystroke or two to make the change,  so any improvement in that area isn't a priority - it's a good feature request though.

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