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Evernote 6.2 Beta 2 (452409 Direct): can't open two notes at the same time

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The title says it all.


I recently updated to the beta version of Evernote 6.2 beta 2 for Mac and since doing so I now cannot open two or more notes at the same time. I double-click a note to open it outside of the main Evernote window and it greys out the main Evernote window and when I click back in the main Evernote window to look at or open another note, the note I originally opened closes.


Basically, I can only edit one note at a time. Why? Is this a new "feature" or just a bug? I need to be able to view one note and edit another or at the very least be able to see and scroll through other Evernote notes.


Also, note the grey boxes that have started to appear around the buttons in the toolbar since the update.


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