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portable evernote typewriter

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I've been struggling to find a portable word processor that was distraction free for the past 25 years.  I have used alphasmarts, pocket PC's, portable typewriters, palm pilots, the Apple Newton, multiple apple os, multiple microsoft tablet computers, etc.  Of all of the many devices I've used, the alphasmarts, came closest to ideal but the integration with the cloud wasn't particularly good and I actually needed a bigger display to feel comfortable writing.


Then I wondered why no one has yet to create an android os word processor, exclusively dedicated to run Evernote and only Evernote.  No email, no surfing the internet.  Hard keys for the various navigation functions in Evernote.  


Would anyone else be interested in such a product? 

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I guess it would be possible to produce something like that using Evernote's API,  but at some stage you'd have to use a computer to register an account,  and how does it tell you it can't sync - and what do you do to fix the problem?  How do you reinstall the app if things go wrong,  update it,  change preferences... 


Seems to me you'd wind up with an incredibly complicated and barely portable typewriter.  It would be easier to carry a slim mechanical portable typewriter to do the typing and scan in your typed copy on a computer.  No deal here,  sorry..

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