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Sync frequency shouldn't be a thing



I've had a messy relationship with Evernote, constantly trying to find more reliable solutions to note taking but the flexibility of the service keeps me bouncing back. Sync + collaborative editing are what get me to leave each time.


It's 2015! Things like Google Drive + Docs, Dropbox, Google Keep have existed for a while now and all offer instant collaboration and immediate sync (only immediate sync in the case of Dropbox) - hell even Microsoft put immediate collaboration in their clunky Office.


Evernote still chugs away with silly things like "version conflict" for a note after I've edited it on my phone and forgotten that the quickest a note can sync is 15 minutes unless I manually tell it to. When I saw that after reinstalling the Mac app a couple of weeks ago, I almost laughed out loud.  Why there's such a thing as sync frequency is completely beyond me. This stuff should happen immediately and instantly as you're typing. Saving + syncing with each character that is tapped in.


I have signed up for the betas of the Mac and Android application but it's more crucial on the phone that this gets fixed fast. I've had several examples of taking notes in class and rushing to the metro only to get in there, lose my signal, and realize that nothing has been saved.


Please update the Evernote infrastructure for sync and collaborative editing.

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Hi.  There's a lot of discussion on sync in the forums.  This is such a fundamental part of Evernote's structure that it seems unlikely to change.  Additional features like Work Chat added note locking and 'instant' collaboration (or at least quicker syncing) but that applies between different users.  The reason you get conflicting changes is that Evernote doesn't know that you didn't complete one operation before picking up a different device and starting another.  If you get into the habit of syncing when you start to use a device,  and again when you leave it,  you shouldn't have issues.


Evernote may well introduce better collaboration tools - or faster syncing - in the future,  but I wouldn't hold my breath...

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