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Notes created in Internet Explorer unreadable on iOS apps

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Hi all,

Maiden post from a Long time lurker!


As the title suggests:

I'm using Internet Explorer daily to take notes from lectures. However, when i come to read these notes later on my iPad or iPhone, they are illegible.

All the text appears over the top of each other, and it's impossible to read anything!


Does anybody know how to prevent this happening (apart from the obvious of taking the notes in ios in the first place!)??


Thanks in advance

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi there, welcome! That issue does sound a little strange - are you able to provide some screenshots from your iOS devices? Does the issue persist when you take the notes in a different browser?

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Hopefully this works, and you can all see what i'm on about  :P


I also have sync issues. I've just logged in to EN on my Mac, to see if the formatting is also a mess there, and the note i've been working on today isn't complete!!! 

I've signed out and back in, and it's not helped.




My view in iOS:


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  • Evernote Staff

I'm moving this into a support ticket so I can get some logs. I'll post back here with an update for anyone else who may be experiencing this.

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