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Can't Decrypt Note in Windows Only


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I have some encrypted content in a note that won't decrypt on the Windows version of Evernote (the password prompt doesn't even appear), but the same note will decrypt on Web and Android.


I have other encrypted notes that decrypt on all platforms, but not this one in question for some strange reason.


As a workaround I'd like to Decrypt Text Permanently for that note on one of the non-Windows platforms, but I can't see how to do that on Web or Android.


Any ideas anyone?


I'm using the latest versions of Evernote on all platforms.


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Hi.  An odd problem - it's usually other platforms that have decryption problems.  However;  I'd say the quickest resolution might be:


Decrypt the content on the web client.  Create a new note and copy the content into that.  Re-encrypt it.  Delete the original note and check again.


I'm assuming that the problem is due to some corruption in the note.  If you have further issues,  check out the Help Center link below...(in my signature).

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