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Alphabetic Export to HTML - how do i get there?

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Hi Everyone


I am looking for the answer to the following question:


How can I export a notebook to html in alphabetical order?


Further Informations:

- I use the Windows Software (Version to export my notebook to html

- The produced HTML-Index-Page is listing all my Notices, but not in alphabetical order. The criterion evernote sorts the notices on the HTML-Index seems to be the original building-date of the single notices in this notebook.

- I tried to edit the building-date manually, but this doesn' t change the sort order in the HTML-Index when i export the notebook again.


Finally i would use this generated HTML-Website to publish my notices/notebook on an intranet. But the sorting by alphabet is a must for this mission... I really would love and appreciate, if someone could help me in this issue.


Kind regards


Peter Wyss

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A workaround is, that i mutate the html-code in a html-editor after generating by evernote. There i can sort the index by alphabet. But i have very often an update in my notebook, so i have to export againg and so i would have to mutate every time, when there an update in my notebook is, the generated html-code. Isn't really a good and efficient workaround...


Any other suggestions? Thanx in advance!

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A possibly painful workaround, but you could sort the notes alphabetically, merge them, and then export the resultant note.  You would have the banners to deal with in the merged note and you would need to restore the notes from trash afterwards.

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