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Mutiple items in the sidebar show as selected


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No matter what you've got selected in the sidebar, let's say 'Default notebook', if you then right-click on Trash and choose to Empty Trash, afterwards the Trash will be selected too. So you'll have 2 things simultaneously appearing to be selected in the sidebar, 'Default notebook' and 'Trash'.


You can do this in other similar ways too. For example, while a tag is selected in the sidebar, right-click a different tag and then click somewhere else to move the focus away. Both tags will appear to be selected.


This bug, where multiple things can appear to be selected in the sidebar, has been present for a long time. I wonder how the staff at Evernote don't notice these basic things. It's as if they don't even use their own product.

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Hi.  I've been using EN Windows daily for several years,  and I never noticed that either.  Perhaps no-one actually reported the issue to Evernote,  so they never got around to 'fixing' it.  This seems to be a screen display quirk - the original notebook is the only one 'selected' although the second one is also highlighted - possibly because the action of right-clicking another notebook hasn't been completed correctly.  If you check in the centre window - in List / Snippet or Card mode - there's only one notebook shown as active,  and only one set of notes on display.


Now that you've raised this,  I imagine Evernote will add it to their list of fixes for a future version - unless it's already there,  but just low priority.

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