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How can I view my Notebooks in a Book Title format? Similar to Kindle

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Hello fellow Evernote Users.  I'm a brand new user so forgive me if I describe my Evernote challenge awkwardly.  I'll try to do my best.


Environment - I am currently using the lastest version of Evernote on a Mac computer running Yosemite.  I also use Evernote on my iPhone.


Current View - My notes, notebooks, and folders currently show up as a big long list in the middle of the screen, stacked on top of each other.  (looks like a stack of pancakes).  When I collapse all stacks, the stack size drops dramatically as the folders are now folded and hidden within each Notebook.


Preferred View - Is there a way for me to simply view my Notebooks in a series of "Books with titles" across the page?  I've seen this format on various Youtube Evernote videos.  This is the format similar to Kindle Reader where I only see the Front Cover of each Notebook. in a Square/Rectangle format?

Unfortunately, I don't see any format/view options that can change my view.





     Notebook A        Notebook B   Notebook C


     Notebook D        Notebook E    Notebook F


     Notebook G        Notebook H   Notebook I



Hope this makes sense.  Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.




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Hi.  You might find some help in Evernote's new help centre (see the link in my signature) - you should have access to views of notes as lists or cards,  though you'll also see the contents of any currently selected note in the right-hand panel.  The list of notebooks is in the extreme left panel which may be toggled off at present.  Have a look at the 'Application-wide' shortcuts on this page - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313358 - you might want to look at the commands for 'show/hide sidebar' and 'notebooks' - see what you can find... 

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