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When is this going to be implemented on Android?   It's available on Windows.   Why make it available on Windows and not Android?   


Obvious reasons why it is needed:  


- redownloading data EVERY TIME is a hassle 

- keep personal and work account seperate 

- more organized


Google keep already has this implemented.  I'm skipping Onenote because it is a joke on Android.  


Has the evernote team even made a simple comment on this?  Is there a site that shows what they are working on?    


I like Evernote but it is ridiculous that this is not standard by now.    My guest is that they'll add this in about a year to 2 years.   I'm sorry it took Android FOREVER to get freakin note deletion.      



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Hmmn.  The reason access to multiple accounts is easy on desktops but not on (any) mobile is that desktops generally tend to be big chunky machines with lots of spare memory and storage,  while mobiles were designed to be smaller,  less powerful and have storage which ranges from insultingly small to pretty reasonable.  They also use different OS's,  so someone needs to sit down and write new code,  even if there are prior versions for desktops.  This isn't a delayed launch,  it's a feature that isn't available yet,  maybe ever..


You can actually swop accounts anyway - just log completely out of one,  and into another.


Or 'use' two accounts if you shared notebooks from one to the other,  or email new notes into the one you aren't using yet.


Note 5 I don't know about yet - I am using a Note 4 and Samsung have an S-Note app which links nicely with my Evernote account.  FWIW.

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So I discovered on my phone (HTC DNA w/ Sense UI)  that there is an app called "Notes" and it supports syncing to Evernote.  So I use Evernote for the home account and HTC's app for work account.  Pretty cool solution but I still have yet to see how reliable it is.  Obviously there might be lacking features and it would be a simpler experience to access everything from Evernote.    


Does anyone know if this can be done on the new Note 5?  I plan on upgrading to that soon and was wondering if that phone had a note app for Evernote.       

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