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While Evernote is Busy Re-Orgging

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In light of some recent changes at Evernote corporate, I wonder now if the new and evolving team at Evernote is revisiting what the core of the product should be? Reviewing things like inconsistent UI, truly weak editing, consistent search across platforms, basic working search features, basic UI building blocks, clippers that were crippled (remember when they switched the chrome clipper from one-click magic to a cumbersome workflow?) or when the Web GUI went from detailed to near useless and then the effective loss of tagging and notebooks by burying them? Whatever, these are my complaints. There are those that agree and those that don't agree. 


There has always been a core of users that worried and fretted that the bottom could drop out of this product in a heartbeat (users being a fickle bunch). That we had a choice of where to spend our hard-earned dollars, whether it was $5 or $50 dollars. As someone who was a premium user for years (and lets be honest, the news reports seem to indicate they were unable to drive revenue, and that includes recovering losses from users who were premium and left).


To answer the inevitable evangelist comment, I did pay, I no longer pay, no I am not complaining about a free feature set that changed. I am pointing out why I chose to no longer pay and why others may not have chosen to pay or stopped paying. Why "it's just $45" is a not a business model.


Perhaps more care will paid to what is productive for the user, what is useful, and what the right price is, and perhaps that will translate into the numbers they need to convert into paying subscribers and retaining old subscriptions. 


At this stage, I have slowly been moving to OneNote (what a pain), but I no longer felt I could use Evernote as it is as part of my workflow (and my premium features are still in play, I just have disabled renewal and wait for the sub to lapse). 


Just thinking out loud here. The people in charge are free to troll through the forums, in fact, get paid to do so, and draw their own conclusions. 

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