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Pressing ENTER breaks table


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Table editing its the most important thing for me, and never worked properly well.. but now I feel compeled to report this bug as Im not able to use Evernote like this.



Evernote for windows desktop:

version (276742) Public




Steps to replicate:

inside a table CELL pressing ENTER  moves content after cursor out of the cell/table.


example 1 - cell with following 3 lines:


+ line 1 +

+ line 2 [cursor here] +

+ line 3 +



pressing ENTER key will break cell into:


+ line 1 +


line 2           <-- moved outside cell/table

+--------+      <-- new table created with other lines followed cursor

+ line 3 +




Is it just me being lucky with this "feature" ?

Any suggestion or feedback I would be thankfully since I use tables as 99% way of organizing information.




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Thanks for the feedback.


As OT I would like the opportunity to say that if Evernote would make a perfect table edition it would skyrocket completely.

I rather have good or at least "tables" edition features then all of those "context", and "share" and "feature X" or "feature z" which makes me thinking that evernote management is trying to reach more an enterprise business and forget the golden rule in IT which is "the winner are the ones that implements *BASIC* features and which are 99% used and loved all the time", anything else is just marketing entrophy that may end up killing a product.


@Evernote team: Remember.. keep it simple ..focus in making *basic* things perfect first.. dont jump into a wagon of features that no one really uses or at least majority of us and forget about basic things like a decent table editor. This single feature is enough to kill Evernote shall someone else/a new startup of whatever comes up with this single feature working properly. 


Im just sharing my concerns, as I used to be a premium user.. but I simply can't understand the everlast problem of decent "table edition".


Thank you,


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We couldn't agree more.  I don't know if you've seen this, but we're applying a new focus to making the editor great.  Tables are definitely on the list of "basic things that don't work as well as they should."  It's hard to predict how quickly things like this can be done, but take comfort in the fact that we're going to be spending serious time on making things like tables, lists, and copy/paste better in the near future.


There's a more detailed discussion here:




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This has been driving me nuts for weeks.

I've had to copy-paste a few notes out of tables and remove tables completely from several notes.


Since we're talking about having a reliable solid table editor....

What about "paste as text" from inside a cell.

I FREQUENTLY have to pate outside the table then copy-paste into the table.

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