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The Current Forum Topic is Green and Difficult to Read

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Seriously? I can't read it on the gray background. Am I missing a theme setting? I can't find anyway to make it black. 


I agree. In my opinion, the Evernote decision makers are a bunch of 20-somethings blessed with eagle eyesight. Hopefully, they will learn from their mistakes when their eyesight starts to decline. But in the meantime the users will have to suffer.



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Hey now, I'm quite a bit older than 20-something. 


@Mosheen: we have a decent amount of green/grey/white on this site, but not a lot of green over grey. Are you talking about this? 



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It's good because people on the moon can see it clearly.....

I'm a fair bit older than my twenties too, wear contacts/glasses and don't have any particular issues with this forum.

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 It depends on your monitor. I'm talking about the topic/ subforum overview on PC. Mobil is all black and white. On an OLED the green is very low contrast. No color combination has higher contrast than black and white. 

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