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Adding multiple PDFs to one Note



Hey guys, 


i know most people probably don't need this. But for university, I have multiple pdfs that I need to read for a specific course. Therefore I create one note and put all corresponding pdfs for this weeks class in it. Would be awesome if I could save a PDF to an existing note with the webclipper. 





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I prefer to keep PDF's in individual notes. It makes searching for them much easier. If the PDF's all apply to one course, I would tag them with the course name, then search using two terms to find the info I was looking for.



tag:WesternCiv Rome



Putting a lot of PDF's into a single note will make searching much more difficult and frustrating. It someone shooved burning bamboo splints under my fingernails and forced me to have a note with multiple PDF's, I would first put the PDF's into individual notes in the correct order, then Merge them together..

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