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Evernote not remembering settings

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I have set my Evernote account to Evernote Basic. However, the Mac app doesn't remember this setting — every few weeks, it bounces its Dock icon and screams "ME ME LOOK AT ME" until I say I want Evernote Basic again.


I've already had to disable notifications for the Android version because it does the exact same thing — and without reminders of due dates on notes, the primary advantage of Evernote for me is gone.


I note that it didn't do this when I was on a paid tier.


Is this a bug, or is it Evernote's policy to nag and hustle people continually to get more money out of them? Because I'm certainly not going to pay money to a company that doesn't treat me with respect and constantly gets up in my face all the time!


If you were sitting at a table in a bar enjoying a quiet drink, and someone kept popping up next to you shouting "WHY AREN'T YOU BUYING PEANUTS?" you wouldn't buy another drink, you'd get up and leave — and you wouldn't recommend that place to anybody else!


(See also: why people are using adblockers on your site — because the ads are way too intrusive.)


Treat people with respect, and they'll pay you the money you want. Hustle and nag them, and they won't. Simple.

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Hi.  Evernote has already commented on one or more threads in the Forums that if you're using their free product they want,  in the interests of continuing to provide any service at all,  and like lots of other 'free' software out there,  to remind you from time to time that upgrading to Plus or Premium is an option you might consider.  One version recently took this to new heights,  but has since been replaced,  with apologies. 


If you're getting an unacceptable level of reminders,  I'd suggest making sure that you're using the latest version,  and checking in Settings that you have any voluntary notifications switched off. 


If you are,  and you do,  then a support request is probably the best way to bring this to EN's attention - see the links in my signature below...

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Thanks — obviously, they want periodic reminders, but even the current version (6.1.1, Mac App Store build) seems to be taking it to excess.


I have to admit I can't find anything in Preferences that covers voluntary notifications — am I being daft here? (I notice that you use the Windows version, so perhaps this is something that hasn't made it to the Mac!)


Didn't know about the Twitter avenue for support requests: the Support page mentions that "contact us" is for paid levels only, but misses the Twitter bit out :)

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In Android,  look under Tutorials in Settings - can't help you with the Mac details though,  sorry - maybe this is a Windows-only option for now.  The Twitter feed is pretty new - but the Support link does work for bug reports and payment/ authentication issues for everyone too.  Hope you can find a way to reduce the nagging! 

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