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Can the database be stored on a micro-SD card?

Addis Geordie

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Windows Touch just doesn't cut it.  Lacks functionality I need. Don't want to lug around a heavy laptop but my cheap tablet hybrid's hard disk cannot cope with size of windows database. Want to put it onto the sd card but can't work out how.  Can anyone help?

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Hi.  Without rooting your Android it is AFAIK impossible to store material on the SD card.  The current version of Evernote is engineered to store all information on internal storage and move anything else relevant it finds there too.  There are existing threads on the forums on this.  As long as you have a network connection however you should be able to recover any of your notes,  and by having a separate notebook specifically for your mobile device which is set up to be 'offline searchable'  you can save an essential subset of notes to your phone without downloading the whole database.  Hope that helps...

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