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Web Clipper Highlighting function + Tagging in iOS



Hi, though I am very satisfied with the overall functionalities offered in the web clipper for desktop, I wish we could have a HIGHLIGHTING function, allowing us to just clip one sentence, a turn of phrase, a few words only, rather than having as only option to choose a portion of screen.


Furthermore, the absence of a proper clipper both on iPhone and iPad renders your tool close to useless for me, and I have had to use Pocket instead that offers to tag, an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL tool, especially when you use Evernote as a blogging tool repository. Without the ability to keyword or "tag" text clipped, there isn't much point in clipping using your service when on an iPad or an iPhone. I hear many share that frustration. Isn't it time you implement this function in iOS?

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On October 3, 2015 at 9:12 AM, BloggingBLUE said:

renders your tool close to useless for me

Wow, the absence of one requested feature makes the product close to useless

Can you not see value in all the other features Evernote has?

>>I just don't understand why they haven't made this a priority.

I haven't seen Evernote's priority list so I can't comment on what is or isn't a priority.  I have noted in these forums many other posts from users with feature request that they think should be a priority.  At least you didn't comment on how simple it would be to implement.

The reason I'm commenting is that I hate to see the tone of some messages, and would like to remind people to be polite.


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