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Request: Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Evernote on Android



I purchased an android device for my son who has severe dyslexia and ADHD. We then installed Evernote as it looks like the perfect tool for organizing study material for class  - except for one thing. It does not offer text to speech. We use the keyboard app to do speech to text so that part is not an issue. Later, however, when he is studying his outlines and notes and reviewing clippings, his reading disability gets in the way of accurately reading what he put in there. Even if text to speech was only one word at a time, it would help him to hear at least the words he is struggling with. Then again, wouldn't text to speech help anyone who uses Evernote to study? It would certainly open up more possibilities of where, how and when they can be studying.

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Hi.  It's a fact that Evernote doesn't have TTS at present - lots of software doesn't.  I agree it makes a fair feature request,  and on occasion I'd like Evernote to be reading a long note to me rather than having to plough through every word.  But Evernote has its own priorities,  and doesn't often share (or discuss) its current or future plans...  Short term,  if you can find some other way to run a TTS app against a note,  you could continue with Evernote as primary storage;  if not,  then you may have to look elsewhere.  Anyone got any suggestions?


Meantime on TTS - Evernote has its own way of coding notes,  which may or probably won't be compatible.  Remember though that EN also has a web-based client,  which is just another web page...

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I use text-to-speech on an Android phone. The best solution I have found is to install IVONA Text-To-Speech with IVONA Amy UK English Voice (for US there is the Kendra Voice). It is free in Google Play Store.


When you open IVONA Amy, you can write or paste text in a window. So, copy your text in the Evernote note en paste that in IVONA Amy. You can start from the beginning and stop the voice any moment.

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Adding a TTS button (that uses the Android TTS Service) to read a note out loud would be very useful.

Its a shame that is not a bit open to other android apps (sharing notes with other apps should be an essential feature). With a sharing button it would be at least possible to forward a note to a reading app.


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