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Looking at a new phone

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I'm contemplating a new phone and am wondering about everyone's experience with EN on an Android phone. I've had mostly iPhones with one Windows 8 phone in between but am debating switching to an Android. I also use EN on an iPad mini and a Lenovo Yoga laptop with Windows 10. So now I'm thinking of adding a third platform to my EN usage and just wanted to get an opinion from Android users about the performance of EN on one of the newer Android phones. Thanks so much for your feedback.

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Hi.  I've only ever used Evernote on Android phones and Windows computers (Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1) so I might be slightly biased,  but Evernote on a mobile phone (IMHO) is OK for looking up existing notes,  and great for adding new data by way of camera / 'scan' (not scannable -yet- but there are other options) / and,  depending on the phone,  other inputs like voice/ pen/ typing.


I currently use a Samsung Note 4 - with a somewhat larger handprint than most - because it is that much easier to read existing content and create new.  (I'm what you might call an 'older' user,  so bigger and louder are increasingly better...)


The plus points are that tons of useful apps like CamScanner are free,  and Android phones have replaceable batteries and extendable memory via SD card.


The major negative is that for reasons best known to Google the SD card is not available for big databases,  so if you want to move your 11GB database into local storage for offline searching,  you're going to need a phone with that much internal space.  SD cards are for music and movies.  Apparently.


I make do with a 100-ish note database saved for offline storage,  which are the agendas / directions / travel details for upcoming events.  Notes rotate into and out of that notebook as time goes on,  so they're always available.


I like Android - but then I've never used an iPhone.  My son has - he swapped to Android after using iPhone for 2/3 years and he's a committed Droid user now.  YMMV!

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