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Default evernote's website in Russian in Lithuania?!

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Dear Evernote, 


as I access Evernote on web (www.evernote.com) I am instantly redirected to the Russian version of website (https://evernote.com/intl/ru/).


Very annoying. I wonder if it is just me.


National language in Lithuania is Lithuanian.  Default language of my computer is English, I don't have Russian keyboard on my computer and only about 1% of content that I generate, browse or otherwise process on my computer is in Russian. 


Why redirecting to Russian then? 


Use English, Lithuanian, or any other EU language in such case. 


Thank you for your consideration.






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Hi.  Can't comment on the redirection online - have you tried raising a support ticket,  or tweeting Evernote?  (See the links in my signature.)


Edit:  Do you have the desktop client installed on your computer?  What language do you see there?

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After a bit more research -


If your system settings are set to the correct language but you see web pages in the wrong language,  check the browser settings.

After seeing an incorrect page,  check http://www.reliply.org/tools/requestheaders.php

-it will give you information on what information has been sent by the browser,  and how to change some of the settings.

If the reliply page shows "Accept Language en-GB,en;q=0.8,it;q=0.6,en-US;q=0.4". forinstance move "en-US" in front of "it" to get an English Evernote page.  Seems only to recognise "en-US" and not other English variants.




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