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Feature Request - Draggable, Reorderable lists

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Hi.  Draggable lists are surely another way of looking at cutting and pasting a line of text somewhere else?  That is already easily possible.  "Subtasks" doesn't actually appear to be on the same planet,  but presumably indents and bullets would be the closest option.  If you really need this sort of functionality,  you're in the wrong forum.  Personally I use TickTick for lists and tasks and link to Evernote where there's more in depth background material.  There are l.o.t.s. of alternatives, some of which integrate quite closely with Evernote.

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Yep... An outliner would do the trick quite nicely. Google "outliners".

It would be nice to be able to do that in Evernote, though. Let's see what's in store with the new CEO's doubling down on Evernote's note-taking abilities.

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