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autoforwarded email from Outlook to Evernote is sent but never arrives

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When I send an individual email from Outlook to my Evernote email address, the message appears in my Evernote inbox, but when I set up a rule to autoforward email with a certain word in the subject line to Evernote, Outlook sends the message (I see it in my sent folder) but it never appears in my Evernote inbox folder. Why not? How can I fix it?

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Hi.  Is the forwarded message formatted differently from your directly-sent one? - Try autoforwarding a test message to Evernote,  CC'd to your own email address.  Then send the same message to both addresses manually. 


Have a look at both message headers when you receive them.  If you can't see any obvious difference,  you could attach both to a support request (see my signature below) to see what EN Support can advise..

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