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Merging Notes


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In reading through some forums, I realized I can not merge notes in a notebook using my iPad, but am seeing all kinds of trouble shooting for merging using the Evernote Web.  I logged into my account via a PC using a Windows operating system and everything looks great, however, when I hold the Ctrl and click the notes I want to merge, I do not get the option box that is suppose to come up with the option to "merge".  Please help...I love this application so much and need to problem solve this only issue I have with the application...


Some background...


I teach middle school ELA and I keep a digital portfolio on every student I teach.  I created 5 notebooks, one for each period I teach, and within the notebooks there is a note for each student.  I have around 135 total notes, seperated by student into their specific class period "notebook"  Today, I scanned in documents rather than snapping a picture onto their note and now I have 2 notes in each notebook for each student.  I want to merge the scanned note with the note I already have going from the first day of class together.  The origional student note is very detailed.  I dont care about it being renamed or reordered, I just want the newest note to merge with the origional.  I tried saving the scanned PDF as a photo on my iPad and then I was just going to attach it to the student note via the "paper clip" but I cant seem to find a way to save the PDF scanned email as a photo to my iPad either!.  I'm pretty good with technology and this issue is tripping me up pretty badly!

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Hi.  Just checked the current web version - you need to be back in the 'old' layout for multiple selections to work;  click your Settings option (bottom left) and revert to the previous web layout to merge.

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