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BUG: Evernote 5.9.1 Setting Outlook Outbox Emails to "Read" - prevents email sending

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Just that. With the two Evernote Outlook 2010 addins installed, any emails in my Outlook 2010 outbox are set to "Read" as soon as I click into the Outbox.


This is sometimes necessary where an email needs edited before sending, but Evernote keeps resetting the Read flag to "Read", which means it is impossible to send the email. As soon as the email is edited, and "Send" is clicked, Evernote immediately resets the flag to "Read", so Outlook ignores it and does not send it.


The only way to prevent this is to remove the addins or disable them, but Evernote reinstalls them next time the desktop application is run.


Could this please be fixed?



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