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PDF document populated at the beginning of all notes in all notebooks

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I opened my Evernote a few days ago and I have noticed one PDF document appears at the beginning of EVERY NOTE in EVERY NOTEBOOK and can't be deleted.  Any advice would be appreciated (both as to the cause and remedy).  Thanks.

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Hmmn.  We're up to the rather messier refreshes and reinstalls then -


Copy your Evernote Databases folder to your desktop as a contingency backup.  (Tools > Options > General to open the folder in Explorer,  then File > Exit Evernote and copy that folder)


Then uninstall and restart/ reinstall Evernote.


Log back in and check that the rogue PDF is no more!


If that didn't work,  File > Exit again and rename the original Databases folder to Databases.old - the server will rebuild your database which may take a while,  depending on the number of notes and the speed of your connection.

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I had the same problem this morning.  I also restarted evernote and it did not help.  I renamed the file and that took care of it for a while.  Then an entire note was populating every note.  It was not happening on another computer I have so I decided to reboot the computer instead of just restarting evernote.  At the time being it seems to have taken care of the problem.

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file->exit and re-opening solved the problem for me as well. but i can't say anything about why this happened. i attached multiple documents on the day it started and also multiple to one note - but only one documents (pdf) of these appeared in all notes.

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