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Persistant tags from shared notebook

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I left a shared notebook about 2 months ago, and all of a sudden all of the tags from the notebook have reappeared in both OSX and iOS (though not in Evernote Web).  I cannot delete them, and have even tried to rejoin and then leave the shared notebook again, which did not work.  In fact, it looks as if the shared notebook isn't even using these tags anymore.  Even more frustrating, Evernote for some reason won't even let me nest and hide the phantom tags.


I have seen a solution for the Windows client with the secret troubleshooting menu (Ctrl-Help), but the secret OSX troubleshooting menu (Command-Option-Help) does not have the same options.


Does anyone have any tips, or am I left to reinstall Evernote on 3 Macs and 2 mobile devices in an attempt to get rid of them?


Thanks for any help!

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Hi.  Try signing out of Evernote on any of the affected devices,  restarting and signing back in.  That may fix it.  If not - and short of reinstalling - you could try adding the tags to a 'stack' so at least they're out of the way on the desktop,  although that may well not work on the desktop,  and won't affect the  mobile device.  If you;re still having problems,  reach out to Support - see link and Twitter address below...

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