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Left Panel Resize

Mark JL

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Since the most recent Windows client update (, I have found that every time I open Evernote the left panel resizes to its narrow, default size. I widen it out to where I can read everything, but even if I simply minimize the window, it resets the panel width to the narrow default when I go back to the program and I must resize it again. And again. And again. And again.


This happens both on my WIndows 7 work computer and on my personal Windows 10 laptop.


Is there some solution to this that I have been unable to figure out? It's starting to annoy me a bit. I have been unable to find any discussion of this topic elsewhere in the forum or online, so maybe it's only me. If anyone has a clue to help me resolve it, I would be grateful.



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Evernote keeps some window size option settings in the Windows registry - not sure whether this is one of them.  Best way to find out is -

  1. Set the windows layout as you prefer it.
  2. File > Exit Evernote
  3. Restart Evernote
  4. Check whether it remembered your layout...

If so,  you can expect that setup to stick unless and until you File > Exit with a different format selected.

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So simple. And yet so hard to figure out.


It worked. Now I know! Always good to learn new things.


Thanks a ton!


** UPDATE **


It works when I close and re-open Evernote no problem - even if I use the close button. But if I minimize the window and then restore, it still goes back to the default panel sizes.

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Hmmn - limited success...  might be worth running this by Support.  As you'll know Basic users don't get email support,  (except for bug reports,  or payment / account access issues)  but if you're Plus or Premium submit a request by choosing the appropriate option in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

All users can contact Twitter @Evernotehelps

In either case include the forum thread URL for extra background.

Premium / Business users also have access to a Chat option (7am-7pm PST weekdays) - click 'continue' on the support page after logging in.

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Update - I contacted support, and received this reply:


"Thank you for reporting this issue as well. Our developers are aware of this issue and hope to have it fixed in an update soon. Please keep an eye out for Evernote updates."


Maybe there will be a fix soon.

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