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Improvement suggestion: ideas to revamp the pdf annotation tool.

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Not bad the annotation tool in Evernote. But it's very limited if we want to add long comments next to a specific line in a pdf document. Most pdf applications out there include a sort of "post-it" function to include as much text as you want.

The other problem is performance related. Remember that some of your users (i.e. academia) have to annotate 500+ pages books in image mode pdf. What a regular pdf annotation tool manages very well--even on older iPads-- is rather slow in Evernote. (on my ipad air, it is horribly slow!)  

Last but not least, the automatic summary that Evernote offers at the beginning of an annotated pdf is handy, when you have 5-20 annotations. But when you have hundreds of them, it's useless. Maybe you could let us configure this feature, so we can decide what to add on the summary and what to disregard.


Finally, if Evernote cannot or does not want to bring those improvements. How about giving the possibility to third-party developpers of creating an "evernote compatible" annotation tool for "power-users" (whatever that means)?


Many thanks for your understanding,



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