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(Archived) Inconsistent Interface

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Obviously there are going to be inconsistencies between a desktop and a web interface. However, there are a couple of glaring inconsistencies that should probably be addressed.

First: the list of notebooks. In the desktop version, they are alphabetical, except for the default, which is shown at the top, with a dot. On the web side, they are all alphabetical, with a huge arrow indicating which one is default.

Second: the list of saved searched. In the desktop version, they are sorted alphabetically, regardless of case. In the web version, they seem to be sorted by ascii code, i.e., a little s sorts after *all* capitals.

See the image for what I mean:


I suggest that these should be fixed because, for me at least, I tend to look for things based on where are. I look for my INBOX notebook at the top of the list, not in the middle. I look for something starting with an "s" (regardless of case) before the things that start with T's, etc.

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